How it Works


What it Does

The TDC PowerBox Chip modifies the electronic signals that control fuel pressure produced by the pump in order to optimise engine performance. The unit senses and responds to changes in engine load/speed throughout the range of acceleration. Pressure accumulates faster in the rail and is readily maintained to deliver more power and torque. The result is smooth and responsive acceleration


Simple 15min Plug and Play Installation

The TDC PowerBox Chip is placed in the wiring loom between the engine controls and sensors. No specialist knowledge or tools are required for this easy plug and play process. Power, Torque and Fuel Economy gains within 15min


Increased Power Improved Fuel Economy

The increased torque produced by the TDC PowerBox allows for earlier gear changes and overall less shifting and enabling the engine to operate more efficiently, so fuel consumption is minimised


Engine Protected

The TDC PowerBox Chip is shipped pre-programmed with settings that are specifically designed for your vehicle. It will not over-ride the safe operating parameters of your engine and does not change or interfere with the factory ECU functioning. When removed your car reverts back to factory settings and the chip goes un-detected from all diagnostic tools

Power, Torque and Fuel Economy Gains Made Simple and Safe