Holden Colorado / Rodeo TDC Chip

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Available for all Colorado and Rodeo Models from 2007.

  • Maximum gains for the 3.0 Colorado are from 120kw to 137kw and torque from 360Nm to 408Nm.

Fuel savings of 1ltr / 100km.

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Tap into Power in Reserve

Up to 15% Increase in Power and Torque.

Improved Power and Torque means better acceleration, throttle response and a more enjoyable drive.


Enjoy the Drive and Save Money

The TDC Chip increases torque available and efficiency at the given engine speed. This means that a higher gear can be selected, and less gear changing is necessary. As a result, fuel consumption can be cut by up to 10%. If you spend $1,500 on fuel each year, that’s up to a $150 saving.


Its Plug & Play

It is equipped with plugs compatible with those on your vehicle. Following the instruction manual provided, even if you’re not mechanically inclined, you can still install the chip in just a few minutes.

There is an adjustment screw on the side of the box which has been factory preset to provide moderate power improvement. If more power is required, the unit can be manually adjusted by using a small screw driver (Anti-clockwise to increase, clockwise to decrease – refer to owner’s manual)

Product is made in Germany.
12 Month Product Warranty.
Price includes GST, tax invoice supplied.

Enjoy the drive!

How it Works

4 reviews for Holden Colorado / Rodeo TDC Chip

  1. So I was a little sceptical that a little black box could deliver such gains. Well I can now say I’m impressed with the results. My 2015 Colorado now has more power and torque and at least 1 l/100 km better fuel economy. But the real benefit is in the way it drives. Auto is smoother and doesn’t hold onto gears as long so A way quieter ride utilising low down torque rather than revving it’s nuts off at same throttle input. Fuel saving will be c. $400 per year. BTW great trader prompt delivery

  2. Fantastic service, does what’s said of it, it’s still early days but I would recommend both product and supplier 100 percent 

  3. works a charm, thanks 

  4. Top Trader with a top product ,took 30 sec to fit and a noticeable difference 

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