Nissan Navara D40/ D22 / NP300 Performance Chip

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Available for:
-NAVARA D40 2.5L, 2005 – 2015
(All Sub-Models inc. STX550)
AND: D22, from 2008 on
-D23 NP300 2.3L

Power gains info –
– ST-X450: from 140kw to 162kw and torque from 450nm to 496Nm.
– ST-X400: from 128kw to 150kw and torque from 403nm to 478Nm
-ST-X350: from 106kw to 126kw and torque from
356nm to 393Nm
-ST-X300: from 98kw to 119kw and torque from 304nm to 348Nm


Tap into Power in Reserve

Up to 15% Increase in Power and Torque.

Improved Power and Torque means better acceleration, throttle response and a more enjoyable drive.


Enjoy the Drive and Save Money

The TDC Chip increases torque available and efficiency at the given engine speed. This means that a higher gear can be selected, and less gear changing is necessary. As a result, fuel consumption can be cut by up to 10%. If you spend $1,500 on fuel each year, that’s up to a $150 saving.


Its Plug & Play

It is equipped with plugs compatible with those on your vehicle. Following the instruction manual provided, even if you’re not mechanically inclined, you can still install the chip in just a few minutes.

There is an adjustment screw on the side of the box which has been factory preset to provide moderate power improvement. If more power is required, the unit can be manually adjusted by using a small screw driver (Anti-clockwise to increase, clockwise to decrease – refer to owner’s manual)

Product is made in Germany.
12 Month Product Warranty.
Price includes GST, tax invoice supplied.

Enjoy the drive!

How it Works

9 reviews for Nissan Navara D40/ D22 / NP300 Performance Chip

  1. This product is great! – easy to install, comes with pictures of your vehicle to locate where it needs to be plugged to. I added it to my STX-450 ute noticed the power increase with towing coming up the Bombay hills with a load of 1000L milk my tuck did not drop in speed or power. Also over all the chip is giving me 1L/100km saving according to the dash display.

  2. Good trader very helpful and accommodating

  3. Thanks guys. Parts turned up and easy install. Definite gains so far . Good trade. 

  4. Grate trader Good communication, fast postage, no hassle AAA+ Grate product Certainly improves engine response, power and overall driveability Happy as Kapai 

  5. Good trader happy with the product. Cheers 

  6. great device 

  7. Awesome product, it certainly improved the performance of my Ute, seller did a great job 

  8. Im happy with the chip. I carry too much gear and tow a digger. The Navara would struggle on the straights in overdrive so I’d turn it off. Was skeptical a $300 chip would do anything and read the opponents blogs. It works for me, and after talking to Nathan, I made some adjustments. Ute runs sweet in overdrive now, and touque seems heaps better. Best $300 spent on the ute. 

  9. Great, thankyou, no issues!

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