Ford Ranger PX 3.2 CR-D Performance Chip


Max. Power gains are from 147kw to 168kw and torque from 470nm to 518nm.

Unit is preset @ 2/3 of this to allow for different vehicle tolerances.

Average fuel savings of 1ltr / 100km.

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Tap into Power in Reserve

Up to 15% Increase in Power and Torque.

Improved Power and Torque means better acceleration, throttle response and a more enjoyable drive.


Enjoy the Drive and Save Money

The TDC Chip increases torque available and efficiency at the given engine speed. This means that a higher gear can be selected, and less gear changing is necessary. As a result, fuel consumption can be cut by up to 10%. If you spend $1,500 on fuel each year, that’s up to a $150 saving.


Its Plug & Play

It is equipped with plugs compatible with those on your vehicle. Following the instruction manual provided, even if you’re not mechanically inclined, you can still install the chip in just a few minutes.

There is an adjustment screw on the side of the box which has been factory preset to provide moderate power improvement. If more power is required, the unit can be manually adjusted by using a small screw driver (Anti-clockwise to increase, clockwise to decrease – refer to owner’s manual)

Product is made in Germany.
12 Month Product Warranty.
Price includes GST, tax invoice supplied.

Enjoy the drive!

How it Works

6 reviews for Ford Ranger PX 3.2 CR-D Performance Chip

  1. Great thanks for the deal . Highly recommend to others 

  2. I purchased two units, one for my sons two year old Ranger and one for my newer version. We both have noticed improvements in both of our trucks, seems to have smoothed out the autos, better engine response and slightly better economy not to mention the improved engine performance. All in all the system has made the Ranger a much nicer truck to drive. Good people to deal with, keen price, recommend. 

  3. nice change to performance thx 

  4. easy guy to work with and was very helpful. sale went as smooth as it could get, love the tdc chip, bit of feelback on it, I have a 2017 ranger wild track auto, before chip I was avridging 11.7L per 100km, now I’m getting 9.8L per 100km, noticeable power change with smoother reving an power, I adjusted the screw out 3 turns to 15 an it worked well, very good system highly recommended, will trade again in future, hope lil bit of this info helps you with future sales 

  5. Great product and service.My 3yr old said now my Ranger is “like a racing car” 🙂 

  6. very quick and easy trade…great coms…it took less than 2 minutes to install with the detailed instructions …AAA+++, have noticed a definite increase in power AAA+++ 

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